the great berlin…

My dear friends Stephen and Freddi now live in Berlin, where Stephen is making a splash in the singer/songwriter scene and Freddi is preparing to start university. So it was great to be able to stay and catch up with them and finally see what the Berlin fuss is about. It only took a few hours of wandering on my first afternoon there to confirm that I LOVE BERLIN!

S & F live in Friedrichshain – home to artists, musicians, punks, goths, yuppies, fashionistas. Just round the corner you’ll find Puke Music for all your punk needs, and the hip hop shop where you can stock up on beats and spray paint.

Freddi outside Puke Music with haircutStephen outside Puke MusicWhere the punks live on Samariter Strasse, Friedrichshain

Roamed through Prenzlauer Berg and back to the city. Wonderful shops with excellent designs made right there on the premises. And then – the anti-Bush shop! See A cafe/bar and shop selling clothes, dvds, cute ink stamps, etc, all devoted to being anti-Bush. Never in Australia!

On Sunday Stephen and Freddi and their friend Ester took me to the Prenzlauer Berg flea market – a massive treasure trove with everything under the sun and more. I purchased a fantastic watch for 4 euro, only to find it runs extremely fast… Hopefully it can be fixed…

Anyone for some home dentistry?I want one!

Other highlights – river cruise on a sunny day, Schloss Charlottenburg (kings & queens had such small bedrooms!), the Pergamon Museum, playing ping pong in a park with Stephen and his friends Dirk and Esther, the Jewish Memorial, bits of the Wall, Checkpoint Charlie (except for all the tourists and that it’s all reproductions). Here’s some photos…

During the cruise:

Boat cruise was great to see detail up close - scary bridges!Ahar! Dragons!Perfect alignment! If only...

Berliner Dom (the main Cathedral):

Berlin Dom (the main cathedral)Detail of Berlin Dom

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe:

Jewish Memorial - note the tiny heads of people walking amongst the blocksMe at the Jewish Memorial - a sad, levelling experience.

Schloss Charlottenburg:

When garden becomes sculpture - Schloss Charlotten

Sculpture detail at Schloss CharlottenSculpture inspiration at Schloss CharlottenSculpture detail at Schloss Charlotten

Berlin early morning:

Early morning on my last day... mysterious Berlin


1 Response to “the great berlin…”

  1. 1 Antoine September 24, 2006 at 11:55 pm

    Hey Ebony,

    I must say that i also loved Berlin…okay that was in summer but it’s a relaxing place with lots of cafes and cool attitude. Friedrichshain is the best place to stay definitely


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