home sweet home…

Number 24

Hello and sorry it’s been a while since my last post! I moved house 2 weeks ago – hooray! I live on the western edge of Brixton – practically in Clapham Park.

As you can see, the front of the house is not much to write home about, however we have a very roomy lounge, well equipped kitchen and a back garden perfect for summer BBQs.

My room is upstairs and overlooks the garden – a big advantage over the other bedrooms, almost making up for it’s distinct size deficiencies. It’s a good room though and I’m happy in it for now. I’ve also been happy getting into the garden – pulling out dead creeper, pruning like mad, exposing areas that haven’t seen sun for years. Most theraputic.

I've already started taming the jungle of our back garden

I’ve managed to find two very good housemates in Toby and Matt – both the same age as me, play instruments, cook,clean, have girlfriends, and like a laugh.The other truly great thing about the house is it has it’s very own resident piano. It’s from the 1880’s and sounds like it, but now it’s more or less in tune and I have a music outlet and something to practise with. It even looks very similar to my piano in Australia. Sigh!

Now life can go on!

We really live closer to Clapham which is bar/cafe/restaurant central. Lots of young people live in the area. There’s a massive common (park in Australian), which you can’t see the end of and reminds me of romantic horseriding scenes in period films. On hot days though you’d trample all the picnickers – quite a picnic going lot these Brits.

Brixton’s central retail area is quite different. Whites are the minority, lots of reggae playing in the shops. There’s a fantastic market area full of fruit/veg shops and butchers. Quite a sight to see bags of chicken feet, and the bodies that were once attached to them hanging from the ceiling! No fear though, in every other sense they are just like butchers back home. Brixton’s big advantage over Clapham is it actually has clothes shops and other shops you can buy things in, instead of just endless cafes and banks. Apparently the nightlife is very good too. The famous Brixton Academy is there for instance.

Big spacious lounge has a very comfy couch.


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