we’re all going on a ‘ holiday…

Last weekend was a long weekend, with Monday being a Bank Holiday. Not quite sure what they are, except that there’s quite a few of them. So I enjoyed my holiday, although technically I was already on holiday……..

Anyway! I got in amongst it.

Sunday I went along to the second day of my hometown Clapham’s 2 day festival South West Four – Get Loaded in the Park. Can’t say I got loaded as such, but there were plenty of others making up for it! Not having been to a music festival for about 10 years (where did those years go?), I’d forgotten how being short I could never see the bands due to all the TALL people (you know who you are!). So I braved the surging crowd at the front, got sweaty, nearly fell over a few times, felt old in the sea of teenagers and had a great time!

Who they were and why they were is a mystery...Loopy ladiesI swear the one on the right is Jon Bon Jovi incarnate!

The Young Knives rocked!

The Young Knives - at the cutting edge! (sorry!)
The Cuban Brothers were my favourite – a great party band with guest break dancers. In this photo the lead singer has removed his trousers to show off his anatomically correct briefs – complete with butt fuzz. Sorry it’s not in focus!

Naughty but oh so talented

Graham Coxon (previously in Blur) was great. All very serious to start with but they built up to a fantastic rockout finish.

The Buzzcocks turned out to be old, but they still pack a whopping musical punch. An old school in how they play non-stop, none of the pauses to chat, retune, fart, etc that new bands indulge in to disguise their lack of tunes!

Buzzing with the Buzzcocks
Pete Doherty and his band Babyshambles finished the night and showed why they’re so famous. Most of the time the crowd drowned out his vocals.



Not so amazing was Monday’s effort. The Notting Hill Carnival promised to be an eclectic day out with all the delights of the Carribean with lively floats, lots of sound stages, cuisine to sample.

The reality is an entire suburb closed to traffic and seething with people. The floats we saw were not a patch on the Brunswick St Festival I’m afraid to report. And Gav’s iPod was stolen while we queued in the crush to get through an intersection.

Notting Hill Carnival - insanity
While I won’t be going a second time, I can say it was a unique experience I’m glad to have had, and further proof that London truly is extraordinary.


2 Responses to “we’re all going on a ‘ holiday…”

  1. 1 ebonysmusic September 11, 2007 at 5:44 pm

    Yes I know! That’s why I took the photo, it was so uncanny. I don’t know his name, he and his mates were standing next to me, mucking around. I felt very old next to them!

  2. 2 Priscilla September 11, 2007 at 6:45 am

    who’s that dude on the 3rd picture (the one on the right)? he looks like a bon jovi clone! i’m in love! hehe

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