the price of nostalgia…

Decided it was time to bite the bullet and brave a high concentration of Australians in one place in order to purchase some NapiSan at the Australia Shop in Covent Garden. You can’t get it in this country, poor blighters. Mind you, you needn’t think I came over here to give birth to a ‘love child’ in secret, I don’t have any nappies to wash! The Brits also haven’t cottoned on yet to proper vegetable peelers – one thing in life where simple and straightforward is definitely better. Anyway, it turned out to be the New Zealand and South Africa shop too, but the Australia section was still well stocked with those much-loved items that tug at the heart strings (no copha though – sigh)….. AND LEAVE A HOLE IN YOUR WALLET! So if you can’t do without your Pollywaffles, Sayo crackers, Milo made in Australia (the Kenyan version you get in supermarkets here tastes wrong), and proper peanut butter that doesn’t taste like dry goop, think twice about immigration to the UK, as it will cost you!

What Went Into My Shopping Basket: The Cost Comparison (it’s Sunday morning, I know I should have better things to do OK OK OK)

Australia Shop VS Safeway Online (NB not including delivery to London!) VS Sainsbury’s Online Equivalent Item
Nutri-Grain cereal 345g box £4.25, AUD5.28, £2.48 (Just Right)
Cottee’s Raspberry Cordial 750ml £3.05, AUD2.24, £0.57
NapiSan Plus 1kg £6.60, AUD6.99, £3.98 (Vanish 500g)
Kraft Peanut Butter Smooth £3.95, AUD3.89, £1.25
Arnott’s Mint Slice biscuits £2.95, AUD2.98, £1.39 (Tim Tams)
Weet-Bix 375g box £3.95, AUD2.58, £0.97
Nestle Milo 450g tin £5.95, AUD5.38, £1.95
Vegetable Peeler 3 pack £1.50, AUD2.15 (4 pack), not avail. online but about £2 for one

Total £32.20 AUD31.49 £14.59 says the current exchange rate is £1 = AUD2.43356

So £32.20 = AUD78.36!!!!!!!

And £13.59 = AUD35.50



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