Braaahton daaahling (UK translation: Brighton darling)

Took the train down for the weekend and came to see why so many love the place. Lots of little back streets full of interesting antique shops, yummy looking cafes, street markets, royal palaces, galleries, etc. I stayed in an overpriced shoebox of a room with a comfortable bed and a view of the sea if you stuck your head out the window. Their idea of breakfast was a salmon bagel and an apple. You had to go down to reception for a glass of juice….. I almost had to do what these bums did though, as the London to Brighton Bike Ride was on. Joy to the world.

Brighton bums sleep at Boots

Very very very good to be by the sea. A stiff wind blew all the grim London visions out of me.

Most of my time was spent at Brighton Marina, on the whole a misconceived venture with a strip of good restaurants and some very nice boats but not much else going for it. The residential section looks like the worst kind of old age housing, but with canals and flash boats.


The highlight was going on a 1.5hr fishing trip. They warned us about rough seas, but it wasn’t even as bad as Lake King on a bad day. I caught one mackerel!

Right next to the marina was a long strip where local artists work on their graffiti.

Brighton graffiti… with artists at work…More Brighton graffiti…And here’s some more Brighton graffiti…

I think the rest of the photos are fairly self-explanatory…

these seemed to have been there a whilemore comfortable than the pebbles, but too windybeyond the marina…commercial fishing boatsview from the hotel roomLondon To Brighton Bike Ridethe famous pierbrightonbeach.jpg


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