Daydream Island part two…

Finally managed to crack this relaxation thing by day five!! Ridiculous…  And now there’s only one day to go.

Cockatoos may have a small brain, but don’t be fooled, they are very intelligent. They see an open balcony door and alight on the railing. Spend too long in the bathroom and next you’ll hear some rustling and ‘poof’ away one goes with a packet of Nobby’s Nuts! This involved coming three quarters of the way into the room! The little bugger proceeded to sit in a palm tree right opposite, deftly opened the packet with its beak and feasted!!

The long legged birds mentioned in the last post have a plaintive cry as if they’ve lost something very very dear to them. But they can’t remember what it was or why it was important in the first place or even how long ago it was lost. They tend to charge around a lot after they do this cry too. Nutso.


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