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‘stunning’ Liverpool…

I went to Liverpool overnight to visit the excellent Klimt exhibition at the Tate. The commentary on the Mersey Ferry described the Liverpool riverfront as ‘stunning’ – a description I’m afraid cannot in any truthfulness be applied to Liverpool. Do they not realise tourists have eyes that work? For all it’s stately grand buildings, Beatles mania and impressive Cathedral, I can’t see myself spending another minute in Liverpool without a very very good reason. Perhaps another excellent Tate Liverpool only exhibition…

One highlight was chancing upon a newly cleaned statue being returned to its plinth next to where the ferries dock. A job well done and over in a jiffy! Continue reading ‘‘stunning’ Liverpool…’


tumpty tumpty tum

albertmemorial3.jpgI went to the the BBC Proms on July 22 and saw the BBC Symphony Orchestra play Brett Dean’s ‘Vexations and Devotions’ and Beethoven’s ‘Symphony No. 7 in A Major’ which I preferred. I recommend the 2nd movement.

Royal Albert Hall is beautiful and very very round. The Albert Memorial out the front is very very gold, and impressive, especially in the sunshine.

albertmemorial1.jpgAlbert looking regalalbertmemorial4.jpgalbertmemorial5.jpgbbcproms.jpg

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