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the need for guns…

Recently I visited Point Nepean again, and pondered how its closure as a military post for protection of the entrance to Port Phillip Bay could be seen as proof that the need for guns can be overcome, but really it was only because aircraft could do a much better job by the end of World War II. Pity that.

We have some wonderful weathering on the gun mounts left to enjoy however. Progress.


where cars go to die…

What is it about the country and everyone needing to collect dead cars? :-/

need more than one colour of course New Age

Where: Birchip, and many other country towns around the world!

people ARE awesome…

how not to drive 17 April 2014

First time I’ve actually been there when someone has done something totally stupid!

Silly woman  drove onto the shared bike/pedestrian platform at the tram stop outside Melbourne’s State Library, I guess she missed the do not enter sign? Noticing the large bollard in her way she decided taking advantage of the wider tram tracks area would work better than reversing. A pity the platform is elevated!

Amazingly, some men managed to lift it high enough so she could reverse back onto the platform, and received a hearty round of applause for their efforts. 

A sad day for the reputation of women drivers!

Thanks to Sarah M for the title of this post 🙂

ar ye crazy pirates…!

Crazy, loony BoxWars 19: Scurvy Ridden Maggots, appropriately held on Boxing Day. The fight went on for a surprisingly long time and there didn’t seem to be enough cardboard left at the end. There was some very cool styling happening (can’t believe I just said that).

They do this in Canada and other parts of the world too. It’s not just Australian lovable weirdos 🙂

The real Mereenie Loop Road…

When I was planning my Central Australia trip it was difficult to find useful information about the state of the Mereenie Loop Road. Videos I found made it out to be a difficult, dangerous and sometimes very wet adventure. In contrast, I found it to be more like a well made, unpaved highway. Perhaps I got lucky 🙂

For sure, though, you’ll ruin the shockers of a street car – 4WD definitely recommended!

Well worth it for the fantastic scenery, the emptiness and for avoiding most of a day’s drive back to Alice Springs from King’s Canyon.

alternate universes…

Having thoroughly enjoyed photographing the JA Substation during last year’s Melbourne Open House weekend I was much looking forward to checking out the Russell Place Substation, despite the 1+ hour wait in the queue. A completely different experience, and largely ‘boring’ in terms of sexy tech, they saved the best for last and OH WAS IT GOOD. They still have a room where they can switch on the old DC mercury-arc rectifiers for visitors. The huge blown glass contraptions flickered and glowed with mesmerising light that surely will take us to an alternative universe, if only we could get inside…

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