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permanence = zero

Gutted, rubble strewn, roofless shop on Carlisle Street being used to store spent kegs. Two days later an inaccessible construction site. Timing is everything.

The graffiti wasn’t tagged but sure was cute.



how to do a Modified Tequila Ironman…

Last night I went to the Rainbow Hotel in Fitzroy and thoroughly enjoyed the musical talents of CWQ. I was also treated to the biggest laugh I’ve had for a very long time, and I mean uncontrollable laughter for a good couple of minutes, by some folk I met – Ben and his friend who’s name I immediately forgot who sports a nice set of tatts and plays in a heavy metal band. Ben likes rock/hip hop, quite an incongruous pair. Anyway, Ben got to telling me about these guys he met in Mexico (or was it Cuba) who indoctrinated him into the Tequila Ironman – the real man’s version of a Tequila Slammer.

Here’s what you do:

  • Make a line of salt on a flat surface. Get your shot of tequila and slice of lemon ready.
  • In quick succession, snort the line of salt, scull the tequila then squeeze the lemon into your eye.

Yep, you read right.

BUT – Ben’s version, the Modified Tequila Ironman, goes to another realm of madness. He prefers lime to lemon, nothing hardcore there, but instead of salt he SNORTS TABASCO.

I watched the pair do this and gee it shut them up for a while, smiles on their faces though. Clears the sinuses well apparently. Real men that they are, they resisted a trip to the bathroom for at least five minutes.

Unbelievably though, they did it all again and even convinced another guy to join them. PRICELESS.

Here’s a photo taken on my phone of the aftermath of round two.

Modified Tequila Ironman participants

siren @ the shunt lounge…

To begin – after six months of southwest London middle class ‘hip’, this is absolutely the coolest place I’ve been in all of London so far. Old train shunting tunnels under London Bridge station. Dark. Not dim, but dark so you see silhouettes growing larger until you meet in the middle and touch by accident while you’re momentarily lost when the black bodies seem to merge.

Photo of previous performance of Siren

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All things considered Frankfurt, Germany wasn’t my first choice of plum destinations to spend a week exploring prior to starting a 6 month contract. In the end it was perfect, I had a ball. In no small part because of my dear UK friend who lives there who put me up, fed me lots of beer and excellent food, and put up with my laissez faire approach to train timetables during our 2 days in the Rhine river region.

Last day in Frankfurt and the sun shone

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it’s a festival, it’s free……. it’s FRUITSTOCK!

Dumb name, great festival. On the weekend my Australian pal Gavin took me to a great free festival in Regent’s Park and yes it was called Fruitstock. A pretty cool company called Innocent Drinks makes 100% fruit juice smoothies and paid for the 2 day music and culture festival in Regent’s Park. It was HUGE, a seething mass of humanity picnicking for the most part and queuing for the loo!


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A gracious city of grandeur slowly falling apart and being taken over by natureView of Villa Nova De Gaia, on the other side of the river from PortoView of Villa Nova De Gaia, on the other side of the river from PortoStained glass behind the organThere's a long building attached to this, 4 times as wide at the other end but you can't tell from here!Cruising along...Porto panorama as seen from Villa Nova De GaiaPorto panorama as seen from the monasteryPorto along the riverPort heritage areaPorto near the bridgeMatthew and his big tree!Baroque gold extravagance in the churchesMost of what's left of Porto's ancient wall is visible here.Ancient wall, and very old buildings on a steep hillTop left - 1 bottle of port left from 1834!24 degrees - perfect.Here puss puss puss......Dusk churchExpensive waterfront restaurants - worth it for the views.A large running drain 3m away but who cares when you're young...Porto's main square with Town Hall at the endGorgeous building on main square, near our hotelMonastery on the hill, closed to tourists

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