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admit one outside the comfort zone…

So far for me 2012 is meaning lots of leaving the comfort zone, quite an interesting process that’s for sure.

Last weekend took me to an invitation only private mini music festival at a farm out of Rushworth. Although the inviter is someone I don’t know well, there were only two others I’d met before, and I’d be sleeping in the car, it turned out to be a truly brilliant experience. Such welcoming, open, positive people. And some very talented musicians who urged me onto the stage too for great jams that went on and on. I’d hoped to be there with a friend or two – a shame they missed such a rare chance to see me sing! This is getting a bit wordy now, so I’ll sign off by recommending Jo Jo Smith, a truly remarkable woman whose performances I felt honoured to witness.

These images I took the next morning, where more music ensued xx


in the minority…

During the weekend just passed Brockwell Park hosted the Country Fair – a massive free community festival of gigantic proportions.

Living in Brixton you see a big mix of cultures – African, Jamaican, European, many more besides, all jumbled up together with an overriding Carribean identity. On the weekend though, the true hugeness of the local black population was on show, and I realised I’d underestimated just how big it is. They came out on mass and had a good time!

My friend Owen kindly allowed me to take some photos of him. His politics lead us to meet some easygoing locals and there were a few other lucky shots to be had.

out and about… and proud…

Quite by accident got caught up in the London Pride march today. I won’t bore you with a photo of Boris, there were too many other sterling people to photograph instead. Curiously, many in these photos have serious eyes amidst the spectacle. May tolerance and compassion continue to spread in all walks of life.

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