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siren @ the shunt lounge…

To begin – after six months of southwest London middle class ‘hip’, this is absolutely the coolest place I’ve been in all of London so far. Old train shunting tunnels under London Bridge station. Dark. Not dim, but dark so you see silhouettes growing larger until you meet in the middle and touch by accident while you’re momentarily lost when the black bodies seem to merge.

Photo of previous performance of Siren

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guy – he made a real impression

When I was a kid we always were away on the boat for Guy Fawkes night. There’d be at least one other family boating with us, and when it was finally fully dark we’d get to stay up late while our dads set off the selection of fireworks brought along especially for the occasion. It was a highlight of the year, and afterwards we’d write our names in the darkness with sparklers.

Finally the government got sick of all the accidents and banned fireworks and now Australian kids wouldn’t have a clue who Guy Fawkes was.


The brits though, they take their history SERIOUSLY and consider a few people with injuries each year a small price to pay! Continue reading ‘guy – he made a real impression’

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