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Where: the mouth of the Yarra River

What: the way this retaining wall looks, it seems the mouth of the Yarra River might be a bit wider in the near future


O Brutus, damn good genes!

I like crocodiles, I like river cruises, put them together and it’s a blockbuster for me. This time round though it was somewhat of a guilty pleasure as they make the crocs jump for pieces of meat. Damn cool to see I have to say. I consoled myself in that it was in their natural environment (Adelaide River Jumping Croc Cruises, NT) and not the croc show in central Darwin. They still have to dance for their supper but at least they’re not in captivity and can bite back if they choose! As the tour guide so kindly reminded me as I leaned out to photograph the mighty 5.5m Brutus, who calmly eyed me off less than a meter away!

PS The title of this post is an in joke in case you were wondering. Sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂

PPS Quote of the day from Brigitte, friendliest croc money taker ever: “When you come back you can stay with me love.” Aw thanks Brigitte, I’ll do that.

tree trash…

Last weekend I discovered just how easy it is to break your elbow without even hitting it on something (foosh oh foosh you wily old goat). My inner tomboy took over during a bike ride and one slow speed accident later I’m feeling like a big idiot and summer is wrecked. Suffice to say it’s feminine all the way from now on. (‘Wrecked’ is a bit of an overstatement 🙂 )

With an elbow fracture is it takes an hour or so to start swelling and hurting. So we kept on riding, discovered we could get down into a creek canal and shortly came across a whole tree up against a bridge, covered with trapped trash and other debris. Notice how absolutely jammed full the shopping trolley is. Must have been quite a torrent the day this came to rest.

Tambo River autumn…

the mouth of the Yarra…

One of my favourite bike rides is to go along the foreshore from St Kilda to the mouth of the Yarra. Just where the road turns towards the city at Life Saving Victoria there’s the Perce White Reserve public car park which takes you to a path that goes right round the edge of Patrick Stevedores where they unload all the new cars and buses. There’s usually a handful of people fishing from the rocks, otherwise it’s just you, the sea and the sky.

Daintree Rainforest

I took a trip to Far North Queensland to see friends near Port Douglas and take a look at the Daintree Rainforest, staying at Cape Tribulation where the sealed road ends. Somehow there ended up being too many photos… 🙂

Enduring question: Why do some beaches up there have a sign saying don’t swim there’s crocs but also another sign warning against lethal jellyfish in summer, providing a handy bottle of vinegar in case you get stung? At least if one doesn’t get the idiots the other will!




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