Today was very grey. I sat upstairs on the left towards the front, from Trafalgar Square to Clapham Common on the number 88 bus.

Ideally I’d have these printed on matt metal, or on silver stock or with metallic ink – and very very large. They would line the walls of a bright, large, white rectangular space or otherwise a black painted, darkened space with spots focussed only on the prints.

dscn1992trafalgarsquareplasticfridges.jpgTrafalgar Square Queues

dscn1994picturehook.jpgBus Shelter Hook

dscn1995ventpaper.jpgVent The News

dscn1997redbuspoo.jpgBus Roof Edge, With Poop

dscn1999drivebygreenarrow.jpgDriveby Green Arrow

dscn2000drivebypeople.jpgWalking 1

dscn2004westminstermansionsscaffolding.jpgWestminster Scaffold

dscn2007pinkyellowsigns.jpgPink vs Yellow

dscn2009lonelybaggum.jpgLonely Bag with Gum, Leaves and Ticket

dscn2012ivyhedge.jpg Ivy Hedge

dscn2015carroofbuilding.jpgPimlico Driveby

dscn2018drivebybike.jpgReal World Courage

dscn2022freedomischoice.jpg Freedom Is Choice In Vauxhall

dscn2023dirtyglass.jpgDirty Glass 1

dscn2025dirtyglass.jpgDirty Glass 2

dscn2029tunnel.jpgTunnel Phantoms

dscn2036babyswashing.jpgBaby’s Washing

dscn2038wedontneedtoknowwhereweregoing.jpgWe Don’t Need To Know Where We’re Going


dscn2041walking.jpgWalking 2

dscn2042walking.jpgWalking 3

dscn2045litandwatching.jpgLit And Watching

dscn2047masonryvslife.jpgMasonry vs Life

dscn2048pointvspoint.jpgPoint vs Point

dscn2049badtagconfused.jpgBad Tag, Confused

dscn2053walking.jpgWalking 4

dscn2054walking.jpgWalking 5


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