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beautiful alpine flowers…

Visiting alpine regions outside the snow season is one of my favourite things to do. Beautiful vistas, excellent walking, no crowds, serenity. Additionally, depending on when you visit, there may be an abundance of gorgeous and unusual wildflowers.

Such was the case on my recent visit to Dinner Plain and Mount Hotham. Disappointingly, I have been spectacularly unable to identify any of the flowers I photographed, perhaps unsurprisingly as there are over 500 species native to the area. Hopefully these are all natives and not introduced species.

If you know what any of them are please comment!

Accommodation tip: Snowgums 15 was very comfortable (NB the double beds are a little on the cosy side)

Dining tip: the chef at The General at Mt Hotham creates superb meals at reasonable prices, with a great vantage point for sunset views


late April highlands…

The drive in autumn from Gippsland up to Mt Hotham then through to Bright rivals any European countryside. Once you reach Mt Hotham it’s a little on the bleak side but still worth the drive. Quite shocking how many dead trees there are, although they’re very beautiful. Apparently due to the drought. Great food and accommodation at The General, go stay there.


My “Sound of Music” moment……. the hills certainly were alive above Solalex…… the view from left to right


Solalex village and surrounds


My Solalex walking stick


The river that goes through Solalex


Les Chaux

Taken at Les Chaux where the gondola from Barboleuse ends. In the second photo you can see the buildings in the valley below.


Alpine flowers



You take the cable car from Villars to reach the tiny township of Bretaye. I went on Thursday 17 August. It’s surrounded by abrupt hills and has two lakes. Beyond the ‘cow zone’ is a seemingly endless natural playground, like from a children’s book.


The herds of cows were like an alpine orchestra of bells. The sound tinkled up to me like a dream as I picked my way down the mountain and rang out their harmonics clearly when up close. This is what they sounded like…

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