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you thought 9 months was long…

Visiting the Australian sea lion colony at Kangaroo Island was a unique highlight, as are the sea lions themselves. Did you know adult females are continually pregnant, except for the week after giving birth? And pregnancies last 17 months. Imagine the hormones! Also, after three days at sea hunting, during their three day resting period they can shelter up to a kilometer inland, proving that despite their slug-like appearance they are remarkably agile climbers. Amazing.

We were lucky to see a mother emerge from the ocean and call her pup who came tearing down from the dunes near us, glad to see her and very hungry. Wonderful.

baby sea lion rolls over  baby sea lion twister

It was pretty special to be so close to them, although I’m not convinced the many guided beach walks each day aren’t a factor in their declining population rate. Imagine you were trying to sleep recovering from a three day marathon and groups of people kept walking through your bedroom all night, albeit respectfully. Something to keep in mind. Fortunately there’s a boardwalk only option which gives them plenty of space, and if you’re lucky some may be close by anyway.

Kangaroo Island also hosts a large fur seal colony, also marvellous. Massive creatures, it was astonishing how some managed to arrange themselves on the narrowest of seemingly inaccessible ledges. Watching two rolling around in a large pool area was mesmerising. No photos unfortunately.



By roads on Kangaroo Island in South Australia there’s plenty of roadkill but one stood out with it’s large gleaming barrel of white ribs picked clean. It occurred to me, I don’t recollect in all my travels in Australia ever seeing roadkill skeletons, it’s always cadavers in varying stages of furry decay and levels of squashedness.

Of course, as per usual I’m not the first to wonder why. The font of all knowledge, Google, informs me for our driving pleasure and safety local councils or road authorities regularly clear roadkill away for burial. Thank you to those people, your service is appreciated.

It also occurred to me it’s odd I’ve never pondered this before and how many other curiosities are in my conceptual blindspot? Hmm… We take so much for granted.

roadkill kangaroo

ants take advantage of the spider’s web…

…bug gets it.

ants take advantage of the spider's web... bug gets it.

Australis glorianis…

Great to see such a large family of kangaroos (10 at least), including a joey in a pouch. The old stately koala climbed a fence post then transferred to a low hanging branch, pretty cool. He (she??) was surprisingly sprightly with jumping from branch to branch when required, looked a bit like a furry Yoda :-).

crazy critters, oddities and sunset juxtapositions…

Lovely last day relaxing in Darwin. Discovered two crabs on the beach at Fannie Bay either in combat or engaging in foreplay, can be hard to tell the difference sometimes wouldn’t you agree? One was blowing copious amount of bubbles… most strange! Click the image to the left for an up-close view.

The next beach mystery was little tiny shells moving of their own accord. One does not see such things on the beaches of Victoria. No, the humidity hadn’t finally got to me, they were houses for little tiny creatures. Exceedingly cute!

Mindil Beach Sunset Market was most definitely worth the visit. Highly impressive was how the entire population of Darwin seemed to be there. After all it is a bi-weekly event during the dry season, that’s dedication.

Topped the day off with drinks with some ‘locals’ who most kindly took me under their wings for the remainder of the evening (thanks Mark for the poolside invitation). Nurses and mental health staff at the asylum seeker detention centre, they are put up at our hotel at for the duration of their contracts. How’s that for our tax dollars at work! Mind you, in Darwin real estate is in short supply and no doubt short term rental contracts are hard to come by, so let’s not start bashing the government just yet 🙂

Strandbeests… low level mechanical AI or potential life?

A few years ago I saw part of a documentary about Strandbeests and was fascinated. Two are currently visiting Melbourne’s Federation Square and it was great to see them up close, yet disappointing they weren’t under their own steam this time.

Having just watched the TED Talks video below, I wonder now that Theo Jansen might not be a mad genius, but rather has spent more than a tad too long immersed in this project… Is this possibly a huge joke taken way too seriously?

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