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is this really London?

Found this blast from the past, from some time in 2006 in London…

Had an ultra bizarre afternoon on Saturday. Decided to go to a ‘free’ ‘blues’ festival in the city. Turned out to be a bit of a dinky free concert hosted by an animal rescue charity so they could ask the audience for donations.

When I arrived there was a jazz pianist (quite good) with a female singer who sang the whole first number at least a third lower than the key the pianist was playing. Excruciating. The rest of the set was more or less in tune but still excruciating. Then she played solo violin (quite well) while a tall muscular eye candy black man did an interpretive dance (!!!!!!!). All a bit art school.

I thought I’d stick around for the next act, really wanting to hear some blues. Instead a five piece hard rock band from Scotland got up, pretty good music, all black clothes, studded belts, you can picture it.

As soon as they started playing, a group of old fogies, well into their seventies, jumped up and started grooving VERY ENERGETICALLY. Three of the gents wore lurid 70s shirts, two sporting large gold sunnies and WIGS. Yes, wigs. And they thought they were HOT!

Pretty soon there was a bit of a crowd, attracted by the music. We were all looking on with our mouths open, lots of people taking photos. Just wish I’d remembered to take my camera instead of having to make do with the crappy mobile phone camera…sigh! Those photos just didn’t work out.


sparkles near the wheel…

The post title is in homage to the awesome Melbourne band The Rectifiers whose album “Sparkles On The Wheel” is part of my ‘lifetime listening’ CD collection. If only they would play gigs.

hot however you look at it…

Spent an unexpectedly enjoyable few hours at the 3RRR BBQ Day at Ceres, excellent song choices, surprising smiles, cute kids. All in the sweltering heat of the start of summer, at last!

Southbank, dusk…

Southbank at dusk to the soul soothing tunes of Charles Jenkins


Finally camera to hand in one of my favourite places, Pure Pop Records, in Barkly St, St Kilda,  to the excellent accompaniment of Jez Mead and The Skybombers. I make no apologies for any blurriness. Just call it art.

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how to do a Modified Tequila Ironman…

Last night I went to the Rainbow Hotel in Fitzroy and thoroughly enjoyed the musical talents of CWQ. I was also treated to the biggest laugh I’ve had for a very long time, and I mean uncontrollable laughter for a good couple of minutes, by some folk I met – Ben and his friend who’s name I immediately forgot who sports a nice set of tatts and plays in a heavy metal band. Ben likes rock/hip hop, quite an incongruous pair. Anyway, Ben got to telling me about these guys he met in Mexico (or was it Cuba) who indoctrinated him into the Tequila Ironman – the real man’s version of a Tequila Slammer.

Here’s what you do:

  • Make a line of salt on a flat surface. Get your shot of tequila and slice of lemon ready.
  • In quick succession, snort the line of salt, scull the tequila then squeeze the lemon into your eye.

Yep, you read right.

BUT – Ben’s version, the Modified Tequila Ironman, goes to another realm of madness. He prefers lime to lemon, nothing hardcore there, but instead of salt he SNORTS TABASCO.

I watched the pair do this and gee it shut them up for a while, smiles on their faces though. Clears the sinuses well apparently. Real men that they are, they resisted a trip to the bathroom for at least five minutes.

Unbelievably though, they did it all again and even convinced another guy to join them. PRICELESS.

Here’s a photo taken on my phone of the aftermath of round two.

Modified Tequila Ironman participants

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