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how to do a Modified Tequila Ironman…

Last night I went to the Rainbow Hotel in Fitzroy and thoroughly enjoyed the musical talents of CWQ. I was also treated to the biggest laugh I’ve had for a very long time, and I mean uncontrollable laughter for a good couple of minutes, by some folk I met – Ben and his friend who’s name I immediately forgot who sports a nice set of tatts and plays in a heavy metal band. Ben likes rock/hip hop, quite an incongruous pair. Anyway, Ben got to telling me about these guys he met in Mexico (or was it Cuba) who indoctrinated him into the Tequila Ironman – the real man’s version of a Tequila Slammer.

Here’s what you do:

  • Make a line of salt on a flat surface. Get your shot of tequila and slice of lemon ready.
  • In quick succession, snort the line of salt, scull the tequila then squeeze the lemon into your eye.

Yep, you read right.

BUT – Ben’s version, the Modified Tequila Ironman, goes to another realm of madness. He prefers lime to lemon, nothing hardcore there, but instead of salt he SNORTS TABASCO.

I watched the pair do this and gee it shut them up for a while, smiles on their faces though. Clears the sinuses well apparently. Real men that they are, they resisted a trip to the bathroom for at least five minutes.

Unbelievably though, they did it all again and even convinced another guy to join them. PRICELESS.

Here’s a photo taken on my phone of the aftermath of round two.

Modified Tequila Ironman participants


touristy Melbourne weekend…

I was blessed with a visit from UK friends living in Sydney who soon depart for other exotic shores and home. We packed many of the main tourist spots in and by Sunday night my leg muscles protested mightily.

Riverland is a great spot to take people for a bite to eat or a drink. Right by the river, under Federation Square.

alex_and_sarah rics_too_cool jenny sarah_contemplates_the_yarra ric_thats_more_like_it1 yeah_i_clocked_you coffee_table coffee_time

It wasn’t too bad in the city but at St Kilda it blew a mighty gale. The kite surfers were out in force. No one got their wires tangled though. It was amazing to see how high over the water they flew sometimes.

kite_surfing_st_kilda_1 kite_surfing_st_kilda_2 kite_surfing_st_kilda_3 kite_surfing_st_kilda_4

While waiting to meet them on Sunday morning I took occasion to see what I could make of a vantage point of the Swanston Street bridge over the Yarra. Here’s some I like. As per usual, the devil’s in the detail…

wood_plane little_watcher but_can_we_reach_it grey_plane snooze_time where_you_going_granny

art art art, and music

What I didn’t mention in yesterday’s post was that I entered a draw to win tickets to another event as part of Beck’s Fusion – the Chemical Brothers concert. Late Saturday night I received the call – hooray!

So I began at the ICA about 4pm to pick up the tickets and saw an exhibit of artwork by prisoners that went into a awards programme. Some good, made for interesting brain food. Pondered in the bar and wondered at all the clever types there and was surprised it was so busy.

After an early meal I took a walk towards the parks. The Mall provided an excellent photography project with its long promenade up to Buckingham Palace. Click here to have a look at the results, and here’s my favourite plus the kookiest topiary I’ve seen to date (at St James’s Park).


The gig was good. 9,000 crammed into Trafalgar Square. The Chemical Brothers played the same hits they had years and years ago, I wonder are they losing their touch? Where’s the new material? I was surprised to recognise the closers (can you tell I only have one album?). The crowd (and I) were into it, no doubt, but no real effort for an encore – everyone cleared out. Very impressed with their massive deck system and the sound quality.


Made a couple of videos too…! Visit them at YouTube – short and longer

1 June to 3 June

This post is for those of you who’ve forgotten what I look like!

Roller Disco for Alex’s birthday on Friday night was much more fun than I expected and took me back to my childhood skating in the centre in Frankston. Now-a-days though there’s a bar and people dress up in crazy 80’s disco gear. One trooper came in a Borat style bathing suit…!!!!! Check out this link to see what I mean…!! Alex took these photos.

Sunday was a trip to Regent’s Park for a sustainability/environment festival – fairly ordinary (ooh you’re not supposed to say that are you!). The pic is afterwards at a pub in Camden.

siren @ the shunt lounge…

To begin – after six months of southwest London middle class ‘hip’, this is absolutely the coolest place I’ve been in all of London so far. Old train shunting tunnels under London Bridge station. Dark. Not dim, but dark so you see silhouettes growing larger until you meet in the middle and touch by accident while you’re momentarily lost when the black bodies seem to merge.

Photo of previous performance of Siren

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