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Balaclava blue detail…

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the mouth of the Yarra…

One of my favourite bike rides is to go along the foreshore from St Kilda to the mouth of the Yarra. Just where the road turns towards the city at Life Saving Victoria there’s the Perce White Reserve public car park which takes you to a path that goes right round the edge of Patrick Stevedores where they unload all the new cars and buses. There’s usually a handful of people fishing from the rocks, otherwise it’s just you, the sea and the sky.

new camera…

I bought a digital SLR 😉 It’s an Olympus E510 and came with two lenses, so I can appease my need for closeups with my longer distance prying tendancies. Here’s some shots taken near Leicester Square last weekend.

art art art, and music

What I didn’t mention in yesterday’s post was that I entered a draw to win tickets to another event as part of Beck’s Fusion – the Chemical Brothers concert. Late Saturday night I received the call – hooray!

So I began at the ICA about 4pm to pick up the tickets and saw an exhibit of artwork by prisoners that went into a awards programme. Some good, made for interesting brain food. Pondered in the bar and wondered at all the clever types there and was surprised it was so busy.

After an early meal I took a walk towards the parks. The Mall provided an excellent photography project with its long promenade up to Buckingham Palace. Click here to have a look at the results, and here’s my favourite plus the kookiest topiary I’ve seen to date (at St James’s Park).


The gig was good. 9,000 crammed into Trafalgar Square. The Chemical Brothers played the same hits they had years and years ago, I wonder are they losing their touch? Where’s the new material? I was surprised to recognise the closers (can you tell I only have one album?). The crowd (and I) were into it, no doubt, but no real effort for an encore – everyone cleared out. Very impressed with their massive deck system and the sound quality.


Made a couple of videos too…! Visit them at YouTube – short and longer

Braaahton daaahling (UK translation: Brighton darling)

Took the train down for the weekend and came to see why so many love the place. Lots of little back streets full of interesting antique shops, yummy looking cafes, street markets, royal palaces, galleries, etc. I stayed in an overpriced shoebox of a room with a comfortable bed and a view of the sea if you stuck your head out the window. Their idea of breakfast was a salmon bagel and an apple. You had to go down to reception for a glass of juice….. I almost had to do what these bums did though, as the London to Brighton Bike Ride was on. Joy to the world.

Brighton bums sleep at Boots

Very very very good to be by the sea. A stiff wind blew all the grim London visions out of me.

Most of my time was spent at Brighton Marina, Continue reading ‘Braaahton daaahling (UK translation: Brighton darling)’

fancy a bit of choof?

Well I didn’t but I went along for the ride anyway. My dear brother finally had to go back to Australia and wanted one last visit to Amsterdam. So, just for him, I joined him, Matt, Gav and Tim for a weekend in the Dam!

Quite forward thinking the Dutch…

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