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a tiny, doomed miracle…

Today at the Great Ocean Road’s Johanna Beach it turned out someone’s pretty beach decoration was in fact a precious circle made by caring hearts to help protect two tiny eggs laid out in the open by a little bird that’s understandably rare, considering. After I walked away we were lucky enough to see a member of Victoria’s precarious hooded plover population hot foot it back to its ‘nest’ which was anything but that, just a small indentation in the sand. Go well courageous soul.

tiny eggs

hooded plover sitting on its eggs - cropped

hooded plover sitting on its eggscircle of protection


smell the serenity…

Mary River region off the road to Kakadu – Fogg Dam and Leaning Tree Lagoon

salt of the sea…

It’s been a while since I’ve visited Port Melbourne, and at yesterday’s trip to see the Queen Mary 2 I discovered they’ve finished the Prince’s Pier refurbishment. I thought perhaps they’d tear it all down, or maybe build apartments on it, but no, it’s a fairly ordinary looking space for people to wander, with a stretch of the old posts left to rot evocatively for us. Check out my previous visit.

pelican perfection…

The islands at the mouth of Bunga Arm in the Gippsland Lakes host a huge colony of pelicans, gulls and other birds, happily cohabiting together. To see it makes me sad that humans have such a hard time sorting out their differences.

Bunga Arm is one of those great out of the way places to visit. With no car access you need a boat to get there and there’s plenty of spots to moor away from everyone else, especially if you take the time to go all the way to the end. Over the sand dune the seemingly endless expanse of the Ninety Mile Beach will calm any restless mind. Just don’t get caught in a rip in the surf 🙂


Tiny cygnets swimming outside our place, birdlife near Bunga Arm’s Steamer Landing including the pelican colony, sweet baby jellyfish (there were swarms of these everywhere), the Ninety Mile Beach.

Daydream Island part two…

Finally managed to crack this relaxation thing by day five!! Ridiculous…  And now there’s only one day to go.

Cockatoos may have a small brain, but don’t be fooled, they are very intelligent. They see an open balcony door and alight on the railing. Spend too long in the bathroom and next you’ll hear some rustling and ‘poof’ away one goes with a packet of Nobby’s Nuts! This involved coming three quarters of the way into the room! The little bugger proceeded to sit in a palm tree right opposite, deftly opened the packet with its beak and feasted!!

The long legged birds mentioned in the last post have a plaintive cry as if they’ve lost something very very dear to them. But they can’t remember what it was or why it was important in the first place or even how long ago it was lost. They tend to charge around a lot after they do this cry too. Nutso.

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