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in the minority…

During the weekend just passed Brockwell Park hosted the Country Fair – a massive free community festival of gigantic proportions.

Living in Brixton you see a big mix of cultures – African, Jamaican, European, many more besides, all jumbled up together with an overriding Carribean identity. On the weekend though, the true hugeness of the local black population was on show, and I realised I’d underestimated just how big it is. They came out on mass and had a good time!

My friend Owen kindly allowed me to take some photos of him. His politics lead us to meet some easygoing locals and there were a few other lucky shots to be had.


the autumn light it tempts you

Early morning Saturday footy practice in Brockwell ParkAutumn gold watches the children file by at the Natural History Museumthey line the roof, basking, looking with eyes that see nothing

Sunday in the park, starting with coffee

out with a new friend, both with cameras in hand…

bird above SW9 cafe, both the food and coffee not so good these days…


then photo opportunities in and around Brockwell Park…



the grass series…

lonelinessquick cigarettecobwebscobwebs with dogcheck out my hole


not such an nice Sunday today. i took a walk to Brockwell Park, one of the best parts of living in Brixton. it’s elevated, large, green, has ponds, tall trees, a cafe, a view over London and is an effective escape from the less savoury side of living in Brixton. until today. i took a walk there to finish reading my book “A Million Little Pieces” about James Frey’s experiences recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. fairly heavy going (whilst not particularly factual), but reading that firmly puts you back thinking about the good things of life. a spot by the pond, grass, sunshine. after about an hour a man attracted my attention and asked if i knew what was going on up by the tennis courts. i said i had no idea. looking over, there was a policewoman keeping watch over a cordoned off area (just a strip of tape) and a large object near the hedge covered with something bright red. with dread i realised i could have been relaxing for over an hour with a dead person just up the hill. unable to not know, i walked up and asked, and yes, the object under the blanket was a dead man. he’d been lying there all day in the sun under the blanket, while forensics got themselves together to check it out this ‘suspicious death’. all day.

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