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surfing’s in the blood…

watching the early morning surfers

Father and surfer daughter watch the early morning surfers.

Location: Mollymook, NSW


some magic lives here…

holy water drenchingWe arrived at Tirta Empul Temple (Holy Spring Water Temple) as some sort of religious ceremony was underway. I’ve tried to find out more but Google has not been my friend this time. The tour guide in his poor English said it was to bring luck but given the abject, deep concern of the boy’s relatives it appeared more like a purging ritual.

An old lady in a heavy jacket for the weather who is best described by the term ‘witch doctor’ covered the boy with flowers then shook holy water all over him. She talked incanted almost continually and occasionally seemed to berate the relatives.

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end local gay precinct…

Spotted in Elwood on Tennyson Street near the corner of Byron Street. Made me smile (and I don’t believe south of Elwood is anti-gay by the way).

I’m with Obama, it’s time to legalise gay marriage! Who cares what their gender is as long as they’re happy together.


Rockdogs VS The Tote…

Today I sang the Australian national anthem to the tune of the Collingwood Football Club’s song, before the main event of a community football day at Victoria Park in Abbotsford. Very lovely to hear some proud voices joining in at the end from the line of strapping lads and forthright ladies lined up behind me. 🙂 Denigrating the honour of the national anthem or not? Please comment!

A small but very stylish crowd was in attendance. These photos show the Reds VS the Turtles and then the Espy Rockdogs VS The Tote playing for the Tim Hemensley Cup.

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Me and my bro on his last night in London at the Grange in Ealing.

EH and BH in the UK

fancy a bit of choof?

Well I didn’t but I went along for the ride anyway. My dear brother finally had to go back to Australia and wanted one last visit to Amsterdam. So, just for him, I joined him, Matt, Gav and Tim for a weekend in the Dam!

Quite forward thinking the Dutch…

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