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touristy Melbourne weekend…

I was blessed with a visit from UK friends living in Sydney who soon depart for other exotic shores and home. We packed many of the main tourist spots in and by Sunday night my leg muscles protested mightily.

Riverland is a great spot to take people for a bite to eat or a drink. Right by the river, under Federation Square.

alex_and_sarah rics_too_cool jenny sarah_contemplates_the_yarra ric_thats_more_like_it1 yeah_i_clocked_you coffee_table coffee_time

It wasn’t too bad in the city but at St Kilda it blew a mighty gale. The kite surfers were out in force. No one got their wires tangled though. It was amazing to see how high over the water they flew sometimes.

kite_surfing_st_kilda_1 kite_surfing_st_kilda_2 kite_surfing_st_kilda_3 kite_surfing_st_kilda_4

While waiting to meet them on Sunday morning I took occasion to see what I could make of a vantage point of the Swanston Street bridge over the Yarra. Here’s some I like. As per usual, the devil’s in the detail…

wood_plane little_watcher but_can_we_reach_it grey_plane snooze_time where_you_going_granny


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