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vibrators gangs…

vibrators gangs

Almost buying these drawers just for this sticker 😉

For the life of me I can’t fathom what these spare parts could have been.


people ARE awesome…

how not to drive 17 April 2014

First time I’ve actually been there when someone has done something totally stupid!

Silly woman  drove onto the shared bike/pedestrian platform at the tram stop outside Melbourne’s State Library, I guess she missed the do not enter sign? Noticing the large bollard in her way she decided taking advantage of the wider tram tracks area would work better than reversing. A pity the platform is elevated!

Amazingly, some men managed to lift it high enough so she could reverse back onto the platform, and received a hearty round of applause for their efforts. 

A sad day for the reputation of women drivers!

Thanks to Sarah M for the title of this post 🙂

God I’m oh so gay for you…

Location: Abbotsford St, North Melbourne. Excellent lack of punctuation 🙂

God I'm oh so gay for you

rams and lambs…

rams and lambs

Says much about the local employment opportunities around Waitomo Caves in addition to blue glowworm tourism (which was awesome by the way). Hooray New Zealand!

end local gay precinct…

Spotted in Elwood on Tennyson Street near the corner of Byron Street. Made me smile (and I don’t believe south of Elwood is anti-gay by the way).

I’m with Obama, it’s time to legalise gay marriage! Who cares what their gender is as long as they’re happy together.


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