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symmetry near Meerlieu…

Symmetry near Meerlieu on the Bengworden road

haybale symmetry haybale symmetryhaybale symmetry


sea, sand, time…

pelican perfection…

The islands at the mouth of Bunga Arm in the Gippsland Lakes host a huge colony of pelicans, gulls and other birds, happily cohabiting together. To see it makes me sad that humans have such a hard time sorting out their differences.

Bunga Arm is one of those great out of the way places to visit. With no car access you need a boat to get there and there’s plenty of spots to moor away from everyone else, especially if you take the time to go all the way to the end. Over the sand dune the seemingly endless expanse of the Ninety Mile Beach will calm any restless mind. Just don’t get caught in a rip in the surf 🙂

Fort King dreaming…

She’s listing to port then starboard
Her sail’s shot through
Hull’s holed too
Nothing left for the crew to do
Cast off their boots
Hope to swim for shore
This dear old tub will be no more
She’ll slide to the deep
Only sing for her keep
To the fishes and the wishes
Of the thrum of the tide

Tambo River autumn…


Tiny cygnets swimming outside our place, birdlife near Bunga Arm’s Steamer Landing including the pelican colony, sweet baby jellyfish (there were swarms of these everywhere), the Ninety Mile Beach.

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