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beautiful alpine flowers…

Visiting alpine regions outside the snow season is one of my favourite things to do. Beautiful vistas, excellent walking, no crowds, serenity. Additionally, depending on when you visit, there may be an abundance of gorgeous and unusual wildflowers.

Such was the case on my recent visit to Dinner Plain and Mount Hotham. Disappointingly, I have been spectacularly unable to identify any of the flowers I photographed, perhaps unsurprisingly as there are over 500 species native to the area. Hopefully these are all natives and not introduced species.

If you know what any of them are please comment!

Accommodation tip: Snowgums 15 was very comfortable (NB the double beds are a little on the cosy side)

Dining tip: the chef at The General at Mt Hotham creates superb meals at reasonable prices, with a great vantage point for sunset views


rams and lambs…

rams and lambs

Says much about the local employment opportunities around Waitomo Caves in addition to blue glowworm tourism (which was awesome by the way). Hooray New Zealand!


Decided to get out of town while Melbourne goes horse crazy… to another big town. Go figure. Something to do with frequent flyer points and leaving things to the last minute, again.

Good to be here though, where there’s a sense of distance and contour that’s lacking in flat old Melbourne, bless her. Tourists of Circular Quay aside, it does seem somewhat quiet here though, surprisingly. Perhaps they’ve moved to Melbourne…

huge cruise ship like a side on sky scraper called "Amsterdam", and the Opera House

huge cruise ship like a side on sky scraper called "Amsterdam", and the Opera House

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Chalet Martin… the Swiss Alps Retreat

My balcony is marked with a red flower



Chalet Martin Swiss Alps Retreat


A gracious city of grandeur slowly falling apart and being taken over by natureView of Villa Nova De Gaia, on the other side of the river from PortoView of Villa Nova De Gaia, on the other side of the river from PortoStained glass behind the organThere's a long building attached to this, 4 times as wide at the other end but you can't tell from here!Cruising along...Porto panorama as seen from Villa Nova De GaiaPorto panorama as seen from the monasteryPorto along the riverPort heritage areaPorto near the bridgeMatthew and his big tree!Baroque gold extravagance in the churchesMost of what's left of Porto's ancient wall is visible here.Ancient wall, and very old buildings on a steep hillTop left - 1 bottle of port left from 1834!24 degrees - perfect.Here puss puss puss......Dusk churchExpensive waterfront restaurants - worth it for the views.A large running drain 3m away but who cares when you're young...Porto's main square with Town Hall at the endGorgeous building on main square, near our hotelMonastery on the hill, closed to tourists

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