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God I’m oh so gay for you…

Location: Abbotsford St, North Melbourne. Excellent lack of punctuation 🙂

God I'm oh so gay for you


tree trash…

Last weekend I discovered just how easy it is to break your elbow without even hitting it on something (foosh oh foosh you wily old goat). My inner tomboy took over during a bike ride and one slow speed accident later I’m feeling like a big idiot and summer is wrecked. Suffice to say it’s feminine all the way from now on. (‘Wrecked’ is a bit of an overstatement 🙂 )

With an elbow fracture is it takes an hour or so to start swelling and hurting. So we kept on riding, discovered we could get down into a creek canal and shortly came across a whole tree up against a bridge, covered with trapped trash and other debris. Notice how absolutely jammed full the shopping trolley is. Must have been quite a torrent the day this came to rest.

surface detail…

The folk at Colonial First State tore out the heart of the old Myer and David Jones stores between Little Bourke and Lonsdale in order to replace them with their idea of how retail should be done. As per with fashion, some of the outside is much more important than what was on the inside. I wonder if the graffiti is heritage listed too?

permanence = zero

Gutted, rubble strewn, roofless shop on Carlisle Street being used to store spent kegs. Two days later an inaccessible construction site. Timing is everything.

The graffiti wasn’t tagged but sure was cute.


Melbourne street art, graffiti and other curios…

Location: Collingwood – Francis Street, Sydney Street and the access lane between them, Johnston Street, Sackville Street, Gold Street.



Decided to get out of town while Melbourne goes horse crazy… to another big town. Go figure. Something to do with frequent flyer points and leaving things to the last minute, again.

Good to be here though, where there’s a sense of distance and contour that’s lacking in flat old Melbourne, bless her. Tourists of Circular Quay aside, it does seem somewhat quiet here though, surprisingly. Perhaps they’ve moved to Melbourne…

huge cruise ship like a side on sky scraper called "Amsterdam", and the Opera House

huge cruise ship like a side on sky scraper called "Amsterdam", and the Opera House

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