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the same, but different…

One month anniversary yesterday, of my return to my old life but as a new person. Being amid the oh so very familiar after such a long time has brought up unexpected memories, both mental images and physically felt memories, long banished to the murky depths of my neural network. Quite peculiar (yet fun) to have so many ‘firsts’ in my own hometown. “Oh wow – I’m in PORT MELBOURNE!” for example.

It’s impossible not to enjoy the sense of space, the abundant nature, clean fresh air, the smell of the sea, and to be relieved to back here for good. It does feel awfully quiet though after London’s packed streets. I keep thinking surely there should be more people around than this? Perhaps it’s just due to school holidays.

One of my favourite places is the Mornington jetty, whatever the weather. Usually there are lots of yachts moored but with two major storms causing devastation last year they take them out for the winter now. It was a stunning day and I had my camera.

the homeward road it called me

I was very fortunate to have a three week trip back to Australia for Christmas. Four 40 degree days, endless sunshine, birdsong, the familiar still the same yet painted a slightly different hue.

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Arty photos from the plane – there and back 06-airplane-sunset.jpg

Full moon in Melbourne on Christmas Eve driving home from the airport Full moon on Christmas Eve in Melbourne

Fort King and surrounds in the Gippsland Lakes 14-raymond-island-koalas.jpg

London from the plane Westminster and the London Eye

domestic bliss……..

The advent of a new housemate inspired me to bake my second ever loaf of bread. I can’t tell you how exciting it was. It was huge, it was perfect (almost) and it was mine! Thanks Jamie Oliver!

The loaf in all it’s gloryGet a closer look at that loaf!Ah, the joy!

I wish I’d started years ago, so easy to do, so delicious. Continue reading ‘domestic bliss……..’

family reunion

My dear da and ma, as they’d’ve said here in ages past, took it upon themselves to organise an extended trip to the UK and Europe in 2 weeks. Who says you need to make plans in life? Just pack and go! (I know I did… 😎 ) This brought about a momentous event in our family – all four of us went on holiday together. I’m pretty sure it’s been 10 years or more since that last happened. I’m happy to report we survived it well – aside from dad deciding that theatre is pronounced thee-et-er with the stress on the et (and saying it all weekend) and slowing to a near stop on roundabouts when he wasn’t sure of the exit, plus mum relinquishing navigation duties to my brother then proceeding to do it anyway from the backseat. Sorry folks, now the world knows! Gotta luv em! I’m sure I have my moments too….!

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