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dock life, freight…

Port of Portland has everything on show.

I marveled at the mammoth mounds of woodchips towering almost double the height of nearby buildings. How do they pile it up like that?? How many trucks does it represent??

The stacks of logs resembled matchsticks from my vantage point, but were anything but. It amazes me how a few logs crosswise under the pile can support such huge weight without cracking apart. Nature at its powerful best.

Forestry is a saga of an industry, kind of how wineries are sagas, taking years and much patience and trust to reach profitable fruition. Seeing the masses of logs at the port highlighted for me the huge effort involved to fell the trees, prepare them for transit, then move them to where they’re wanted.

On the way to Portland were seemingly endless kilometers of pine plantations, with some zones recently felled. It got me to thinking of the huge endeavour it must be, and the huge area needed, to grow enough seedlings to replace those trees on their way to a new incarnation as timber.

Logistics, incredible.



Instant turf, ain’t it great. Once you had dirt, now you have lawn. Ping it’s there! Out of nowhere!

Not quite, there’s a farm amidst the wineries in Langhorne Creek, South Australia where they lovingly tend vast tracks of turf. It looked lusciously inviting, but I thought it best to keep off the grass 🙂

instant turf

vibrators gangs…

vibrators gangs

Almost buying these drawers just for this sticker 😉

For the life of me I can’t fathom what these spare parts could have been.

Sensation on the slip…

Sensation on the slip

Lots of work being done on Sensation’s hull.

Location: Ulladulla, NSW

death wire…

Where: the mouth of the Yarra River

What: electric fences – would they kill you, who knows; why, who knows

What I like: how the separators look like flowers 🙂

petrol combustion…

Petrolhead nirvana: hardcore custom petrol go carts, vintage cars, fast custom street cars. Or, more correctly, glorious shiny things.

Many thanks to C, K, E, B and especially R for their hospitality at B&M Refinishers, home of the world’s most powerful street car, Craig Munro’s Tryhrd (as in you’ll have to try damn hard to beat it!).

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