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weird people with smiles on their faces…

This morning I packed the camera, feeling overly salsafied and underly photographic of late. Post-work I found myself amidst the opening night of Interventionist (NB the ‘r’ and ‘s’ are supposed to be back to front 🙂 ) at Platform in the Degraves Subway where they have the artist installation windows. Two charming and very cheery men in grotty white baggy underwear who comprise the roarawar feartata collective were taping pieces of paper with questions on them into one of the windows – but only after someone picked up a piece and asked them the question. The question I picked up was “Do you need anything?”. A cup of tea was the answer, but he already had one so I guess he didn’t really need one did he. Too confronting a question perhaps?

The accompanying blurb was predictably obtuse in typical Melbourne art-wanker fashion, but I suspect this was part of the joke. Their statement of intent is “Performance to effect public discourse” and I’m sure they’ve achieved that aim.


Acre Lane – Trafalgar Square – Clapham Common – Mauleverer Road

Today’s plans were scuppered but I didn’t let that or the grey skies stop me from having a great day out.

dscn1981acrelanechimney.jpgChimney Opposite Acre Lane bus stop

Young girls on the Northern Line in shorts, and ugg boots – only ever worn as slippers where I come from, never in public…

dscn1986sleepylegs.jpgSleepy Legs

Out at Trafalgar Square to visit the National Gallery but waylaid by the ICA’sBeck’s Fusions Gallery‘ in a large dome in the Square. Screens in the round with 10 films set to reworkings of popular songs. A few favourites so a real treat – Sigur Ros, O Superman, Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra. Coming closer to the compulsion to purchase Cat Power’s music after hearing Who Knows Where The Time Goes for the first time. Did pop in to the National Gallery – ah Turner, ah Monet, ah Renoir, ah the list goes on.

Took the number 88 back to Clapham Common and did a photography project on the way. Link in the right column or click here for more. Here’s three I quite like.


Then back home with a detour for a closer look at the street art on Mauleverer Road. Turned out to be a huge mural of a garden scene and two horses in stables. Stunning effort but quite faded after about 20 years. Here’s two pics and take a look at the rest.


siren @ the shunt lounge…

To begin – after six months of southwest London middle class ‘hip’, this is absolutely the coolest place I’ve been in all of London so far. Old train shunting tunnels under London Bridge station. Dark. Not dim, but dark so you see silhouettes growing larger until you meet in the middle and touch by accident while you’re momentarily lost when the black bodies seem to merge.

Photo of previous performance of Siren

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