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the need for guns…

Recently I visited Point Nepean again, and pondered how its closure as a military post for protection of the entrance to Port Phillip Bay could be seen as proof that the need for guns can be overcome, but really it was only because aircraft could do a much better job by the end of World War II. Pity that.

We have some wonderful weathering on the gun mounts left to enjoy however. Progress.


Australian Grand Prix 2009 in Melbourne

the trackPetrol and grease, $80,000 pit stop part changes, big wheels, silly sticky outy bits that fall off seemingly with the lightest touch, speed, too much sound for such small packages, likewise from the even classier defence force jet that screamed past our apartment building vantage point. And what’s it all for? Tiny blurs of light with fragile inhabitants who seem to always walk away from the wreckage unscathed. Billion dollar miracles.

bernie clifford - all round legend watcher1 racing flag

watcher2 formation planes chris

watcher3 watchers and lines watcher4 home cinema racing

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Point Nepean… boom boom…

…well not really. The only booming you’ll hear there these days is the surf crashing on the beaches. Not that all the signs warning against leaving the path due to live bombs aren’t disconcerting…!

Point Nepean is at the very tip of the Mornington Peninsula and was once the exclusive domain of the military who built fortifications there to protect the entry to Port Philip Bay which we Aussies call The Rip (because the water rips through it, we’re a literal bunch). Now it’s all crumbling ruins, rusting cannon mounts and cool tunnels under the sand, all overlooking beautiful, calming views. Why I thought I’d ever be able to live inland away from the ocean escapes me…..

Last weekend there was a doco on whether Prime Minister Harold Holt was bumped off after all, rather than having just drowned while swimming in bad weather. Having seen the state of the water where he died, today when it was calm, I can certainly attest that he simply drowned. It wasn’t even rough and you could see how much the water was churning, let alone the size of the breakers which were huge. Maybe being Prime Minister went to his head…..?

Right at the end of my visit, 100 metres from the carpark, I was fortunate to have the very rare pleasure of meeting an echidna. Brilliant!

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