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Melbourne street art, graffiti and other curios…

Location: Collingwood – Francis Street, Sydney Street and the access lane between them, Johnston Street, Sackville Street, Gold Street.



weird people with smiles on their faces…

This morning I packed the camera, feeling overly salsafied and underly photographic of late. Post-work I found myself amidst the opening night of Interventionist (NB the ‘r’ and ‘s’ are supposed to be back to front 🙂 ) at Platform in the Degraves Subway where they have the artist installation windows. Two charming and very cheery men in grotty white baggy underwear who comprise the roarawar feartata collective were taping pieces of paper with questions on them into one of the windows – but only after someone picked up a piece and asked them the question. The question I picked up was “Do you need anything?”. A cup of tea was the answer, but he already had one so I guess he didn’t really need one did he. Too confronting a question perhaps?

The accompanying blurb was predictably obtuse in typical Melbourne art-wanker fashion, but I suspect this was part of the joke. Their statement of intent is “Performance to effect public discourse” and I’m sure they’ve achieved that aim.

the old in the young… hmm that doesn’t quite sound right does it (I know what I mean)

You may have noticed I tend not to photograph humans particularly often… it’s because they generally move too fast…

Recently my wonderfully eccentric friend Joel kindly sat still long enough, and refrained from making me laugh for long enough, for these shots to be born. Oh I do love close ups.

Click on the thumbnails to see the large versions as the devil’s in the detail here.

beside a living legend – Philippe Petit

Images borrowed from The British Documentary Website.

On the spur of the moment I called up for a ticket to the premier of Man On Wire at the Clapham Picturehouse – and nabbed the last one, in the front row.

The film is a documentary about Philippe Petit’s astounding journey leading toward him walking (or rather dancing as witnesses described it) on a tightrope illegally strung between the World Trade Centre’s twin towers in New York in 1974.

In itself the film was fascinating, captured the stunning audacity of the plan, the extraordinary personalities of Philippe and the others involved.

But it was afterwards when Philippe joined director James Marsh for an audience Q&A that I was truly stunned. People started to rise in ovation and I was compelled to join them. For we were in the presence of a true living legend. A man who stuck by his convictions to bring to reality his mad, wild, senseless passion. And in doing so brought a sense of wonder, joy and hope to thousands of people – including me. Standing there only 2 metres away, one person gave me a sense that the world is really so close, possibilities truly endless, but more importantly available to each and every one of us. As Philippe said to me, although at the time he said there wasn’t, there was a reason for doing it – he was there and there was no going back. And sometimes that’s all it takes to change things forever.

‘stunning’ Liverpool…

I went to Liverpool overnight to visit the excellent Klimt exhibition at the Tate. The commentary on the Mersey Ferry described the Liverpool riverfront as ‘stunning’ – a description I’m afraid cannot in any truthfulness be applied to Liverpool. Do they not realise tourists have eyes that work? For all it’s stately grand buildings, Beatles mania and impressive Cathedral, I can’t see myself spending another minute in Liverpool without a very very good reason. Perhaps another excellent Tate Liverpool only exhibition…

One highlight was chancing upon a newly cleaned statue being returned to its plinth next to where the ferries dock. A job well done and over in a jiffy! Continue reading ‘‘stunning’ Liverpool…’

art art art, and music

What I didn’t mention in yesterday’s post was that I entered a draw to win tickets to another event as part of Beck’s Fusion – the Chemical Brothers concert. Late Saturday night I received the call – hooray!

So I began at the ICA about 4pm to pick up the tickets and saw an exhibit of artwork by prisoners that went into a awards programme. Some good, made for interesting brain food. Pondered in the bar and wondered at all the clever types there and was surprised it was so busy.

After an early meal I took a walk towards the parks. The Mall provided an excellent photography project with its long promenade up to Buckingham Palace. Click here to have a look at the results, and here’s my favourite plus the kookiest topiary I’ve seen to date (at St James’s Park).


The gig was good. 9,000 crammed into Trafalgar Square. The Chemical Brothers played the same hits they had years and years ago, I wonder are they losing their touch? Where’s the new material? I was surprised to recognise the closers (can you tell I only have one album?). The crowd (and I) were into it, no doubt, but no real effort for an encore – everyone cleared out. Very impressed with their massive deck system and the sound quality.


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