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dock life, freight…

Port of Portland has everything on show.

I marveled at the mammoth mounds of woodchips towering almost double the height of nearby buildings. How do they pile it up like that?? How many trucks does it represent??

The stacks of logs resembled matchsticks from my vantage point, but were anything but. It amazes me how a few logs crosswise under the pile can support such huge weight without cracking apart. Nature at its powerful best.

Forestry is a saga of an industry, kind of how wineries are sagas, taking years and much patience and trust to reach profitable fruition. Seeing the masses of logs at the port highlighted for me the huge effort involved to fell the trees, prepare them for transit, then move them to where they’re wanted.

On the way to Portland were seemingly endless kilometers of pine plantations, with some zones recently felled. It got me to thinking of the huge endeavour it must be, and the huge area needed, to grow enough seedlings to replace those trees on their way to a new incarnation as timber.

Logistics, incredible.



By roads on Kangaroo Island in South Australia there’s plenty of roadkill but one stood out with it’s large gleaming barrel of white ribs picked clean. It occurred to me, I don’t recollect in all my travels in Australia ever seeing roadkill skeletons, it’s always cadavers in varying stages of furry decay and levels of squashedness.

Of course, as per usual I’m not the first to wonder why. The font of all knowledge, Google, informs me for our driving pleasure and safety local councils or road authorities regularly clear roadkill away for burial. Thank you to those people, your service is appreciated.

It also occurred to me it’s odd I’ve never pondered this before and how many other curiosities are in my conceptual blindspot? Hmm… We take so much for granted.

roadkill kangaroo

reasons for travel

“Bought a hat today. The man rubbed the money I gave him on all the other hats.”

Tonight I came across a diary I fortunately kept on a trip to Ubud a few years ago. I don’t remember this occasion or the hat at all now but thought it was funny and beautifully illustrates the point of travel!


Photo: offerings at Goa Gajah (Elephant Temple)

living seashells nowhere near the sea…

Nypo was a homestead from 1910 to 1953. It’s on the road to Wyperfeld National Park. I haven’t managed to discover anything about Nypo, and why only the chimney was left behind. Perhaps it was the weird insects that grow themselves seashells to live in that tipped them over the edge!!!!!  [Where are the zombies, there must be zombies…]

The close up of the front bricks isn’t just because I like bricks. In this case, I liked how they went to the trouble of finding perfect little bits of wood to fill gaps in the mortar. Can’t have that arch collapsing now, the whole house might fall down.

hi Jemma how are ya…

hi jemma how are ya @ Sensation

Written on the side of one of the support beams holding up fishing boat Sensation is ‘HI JEMMA HOW ARE YA’. She didn’t write a reply 🙂

Location: Ulladulla harbour, NSW

hi jemma how are ya @ Sensation - detail

how to freak out beachgoers…

Two weeks ago I was taking a rest outside the life saving club during a long walk at the beach and heard two men talking about something dropping straight into the water. I missed it but turned out it was a parachute.

Not long after it was all hands on deck as lifesavers took off to save the day. They brought back the parachute, but no person.

Interestingly, the group didn’t seem too concerned. “There was no person” was the response when I asked what happened.

A training exercise for young, aspiring lifesavers? Or something for the X Files? Hmmm…

lifesavers with the parachute

surf rescue boat


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