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dock life, fishing boats…

Port of Portland’s pier had a fishing boat unlike any I’ve seen before. Festooned with large glass lamps, they clearly have a need to see what they’re doing out at sea 🙂 I’d love to know why.

At sunset there were still plenty of people fishing off the pier. I smiled when I noticed they all ignored the signs saying not to park cars on the concrete.


water of many hues…

Brown but crystal clear Huon River perfectly viewed from the Tahune AirWalk.

Extraordinary deep green sea of Bruny Island against storm clouds. The oysters were the most amazing you’ll find anywhere.

Windeward Bound…

And so we were Windeward Bound. Motored out from Hobart for ages then, once the sails were adequately set by a courageous young gent, the wind took us home. Marvellous.

winter pier…


I doff my hat to Graeme Wylie’s magnificent creation – the extraordinary caravel Notorious!

“Darwin is a really fun town”…

Miscellaneous things noted and/or enjoyed:

Nature strip sprinklers at night – somewhat shocking after water restrictive Melbourne.

The moon appears to be sideways up here.

Real frangipani blossom on actual trees as opposed to tiny sticks that refuse to grow let alone bloom in colder climates.

Wide blue expanses dusted with lazy breezes.

A capital city experience akin to living somewhere the size of Frankston. Modern, blocky, functional, essentially ugly architecture, however with a few exceedingly imposing yet beautiful civic buildings (eg Northern Territory Parliament House) and lush old stone ones that made it through the cyclones in decent enough shape to restore. (Disclaimer: I haven’t seen much yet 🙂  )

This is a one-piece town, bikinis are in short and insanely expensive supply. No Megan Gale, I will not pay $94 just for the top half.

Palm trees, palm trees, palm trees.

Descending to Darwin the great massive darkness gave way only at the last minute. Can it really be so empty here? Vast nothing punctured by tiny isolated clusters of streetlights far below.

Dried my hair in what felt like 20 seconds as opposed to the usual 3 hours. A passable wild child frizz.

A place where the word ‘beaut’ is used in RSPCA cinema advertising! @ Deckchair Cinema Darwin

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