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is this home…?

Turns out I did get on the right plane back to Melbourne and this actually is the CBD. Our big city felt very small.

Melbourne night 27 January 2014


Southbank, dusk…

Southbank at dusk to the soul soothing tunes of Charles Jenkins


Finally camera to hand in one of my favourite places, Pure Pop Records, in Barkly St, St Kilda,  to the excellent accompaniment of Jez Mead and The Skybombers. I make no apologies for any blurriness. Just call it art.

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I must go down to the sea again…

fisherman1 fisherman2


sea_study1 sea_study2 sea_study3 sea_study4

Sea Fever – John Masefield

escape route…

Exit One

balcony, night, tripod, then time to go…

Exit Three

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