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petrol combustion…

Petrolhead nirvana: hardcore custom petrol go carts, vintage cars, fast custom street cars. Or, more correctly, glorious shiny things.

Many thanks to C, K, E, B and especially R for their hospitality at B&M Refinishers, home of the world’s most powerful street car, Craig Munro’s Tryhrd (as in you’ll have to try damn hard to beat it!).


2013: The Year Of Doing

Not that last year was low key or anything but I’ve come to an agreement with myself that this year is to be The Year Of Doing. In that spirit, after six and a half years of photo blogging I’m having my first exhibition! Terribly exciting!

I’m showing ten images from my Lead Replacement Petrol series in Brunswick Street Gallery’s Photography 13A exhibition. If you’re in Melbourne I’d love to see you at the opening on Friday 18 January from 6 to 8pm.



When: January 18 – February 7, 2013
Where: 322 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia.

petrol patina…

Last time I reported on the petrol station in Chelsea/Edithvale I said it was looking sad and non-photo worthy. Well it’s sadder than ever but I was wrong about its photogenic qualities. Cars may no longer park there, mustn’t be covered by the insurance. It’s been getting on to three years since I first posted on this place. I wonder what they’re waiting for…


beach 2…

petrol replaced…

lead replacement petrol…

beach 2…

On the way to the family ranch, popped in to the petrol station in Chelsea to check on whether they’ve torn it down yet. Still there, looking sadder than ever, everything faded that little bit more. No longer photo worthy unfortunately. Being a beautiful day and having some energy I strolled down to the beach. Not my finest work but here you go anyway!

In finding out which bit of beach this is I’ve discovered the petrol station is actually in Edithvale. There you go. Ah accuracy.

petrol replaced…

Well, as expected the petrol station in Chelsea is slowly disappearing but is yet to become flash new apartments. There’s less of it there but still plenty inside the building. Either someone’s fixing up cars or has a serious problem with hoarding. All that goes on outside though is $11 a day parking. Just don’t forget to shove your money through the triangle slot.

The earlier session

An update

Another update

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Australian Grand Prix 2009 in Melbourne

the trackPetrol and grease, $80,000 pit stop part changes, big wheels, silly sticky outy bits that fall off seemingly with the lightest touch, speed, too much sound for such small packages, likewise from the even classier defence force jet that screamed past our apartment building vantage point. And what’s it all for? Tiny blurs of light with fragile inhabitants who seem to always walk away from the wreckage unscathed. Billion dollar miracles.

bernie clifford - all round legend watcher1 racing flag

watcher2 formation planes chris

watcher3 watchers and lines watcher4 home cinema racing

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