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You are awesome – start acting like it

A nice reminder from the We Are The 99% folk currently occupying the City Square in Melbourne, Australia.


windy, cold and quiet at Station Pier…

With the Spirit of Tasmania looming beside us we wore ourselves out fighting the wind at Port Melbourne’s Station Pier

all walks of life at SlutWalk Melbourne…

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SlutWalk Toronto

SlutWalk Melbourne

late April highlands…

The drive in autumn from Gippsland up to Mt Hotham then through to Bright rivals any European countryside. Once you reach Mt Hotham it’s a little on the bleak side but still worth the drive. Quite shocking how many dead trees there are, although they’re very beautiful. Apparently due to the drought. Great food and accommodation at The General, go stay there.

Tambo River autumn…

permanence = zero

Gutted, rubble strewn, roofless shop on Carlisle Street being used to store spent kegs. Two days later an inaccessible construction site. Timing is everything.

The graffiti wasn’t tagged but sure was cute.


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All the rest…


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