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admit one outside the comfort zone…

So far for me 2012 is meaning lots of leaving the comfort zone, quite an interesting process that’s for sure.

Last weekend took me to an invitation only private mini music festival at a farm out of Rushworth. Although the inviter is someone I don’t know well, there were only two others I’d met before, and I’d be sleeping in the car, it turned out to be a truly brilliant experience. Such welcoming, open, positive people. And some very talented musicians who urged me onto the stage too for great jams that went on and on. I’d hoped to be there with a friend or two – a shame they missed such a rare chance to see me sing! This is getting a bit wordy now, so I’ll sign off by recommending Jo Jo Smith, a truly remarkable woman whose performances I felt honoured to witness.

These images I took the next morning, where more music ensued xx


crowds n crap n bells…

What #1: photography ‘workshop’  What #2: Moomba (by mistake)  What #3: Federation Bells (under repair)  Where: Birrarung Marr  When: last night  Residual sentiment: Moomba is better experienced briefly when on a date

bread for beginners…

Today as lunchtime loomed I was feeling both hungry and lazy, so, somewhat counter-intuitively, decided to make bread rather than go buy some. I’ve joyously made bread before (thanks Jamie Oliver) but it was a while ago so I thought best go back to basics!

Being lazy I used what was in the cupboard – normal plain flour. The recipe book (Knead by Carol Tennant) kindly described the differences between strong plain, plain and self-raising, but I didn’t bother to read them properly until too late. While my bread was baking my mother said the loaves would probably turn out more like cake because I didn’t use strong plain flour, the higher gluten content of which gives bread its springy texture. I can happily report, however, that using plain flour produced an excellent approximation of bread I would happily pass off as the real thing to guests!

Another lesson learnt is the value of a good recipe. I was just 75g short of the required quantity of flour, adjusted the liquid a little, but waddayano after the allocated kneading time it was not ‘no longer sticky’. So lazy me had to go to the shops after all. Surprisingly it only took that missing 75g to get it all together, a cute example of how it’s often the small stuff that really counts in life.

One final point to note, the recipe says to cook for 35 minutes, take the loaves out of the tins then put them back in the oven to ‘crisp’ for 5 minutes. My loaves were definitely crisp enough without the extra time, in fact the crust was a little thicker than I’d prefer. Use your own judgement, you know your oven.



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salt of the sea…

It’s been a while since I’ve visited Port Melbourne, and at yesterday’s trip to see the Queen Mary 2 I discovered they’ve finished the Prince’s Pier refurbishment. I thought perhaps they’d tear it all down, or maybe build apartments on it, but no, it’s a fairly ordinary looking space for people to wander, with a stretch of the old posts left to rot evocatively for us. Check out my previous visit.

Queen Mary 2 – a big boat for big times…

There’s no denying she’s a big ship (twice the length of the MCG apparently). It’s sort of ridiculous. Somehow, standing there it didn’t seem so impressive, as being beside the Amsterdam was (see here and here). It was disappointing we couldn’t go on Station Pier, although that decision was probably sensible considering the hundreds of cruisers and gawkers in the area.

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Easy salmon and veggie one pot casserole recipe

Another hearty meal for a cool evening, with the benefit of being gluten-free. Vegetarians can simply leave out the salmon.

Serves two to three.

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