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Daydream Island part three…

Watching the sunset on my last night and up hop a wallaby and it’s baby. They were nuzzling round in the coral looking for food – not exactly sure what they were finding though…


Daydream Island part two…

Finally managed to crack this relaxation thing by day five!! Ridiculous…  And now there’s only one day to go.

Cockatoos may have a small brain, but don’t be fooled, they are very intelligent. They see an open balcony door and alight on the railing. Spend too long in the bathroom and next you’ll hear some rustling and ‘poof’ away one goes with a packet of Nobby’s Nuts! This involved coming three quarters of the way into the room! The little bugger proceeded to sit in a palm tree right opposite, deftly opened the packet with its beak and feasted!!

The long legged birds mentioned in the last post have a plaintive cry as if they’ve lost something very very dear to them. But they can’t remember what it was or why it was important in the first place or even how long ago it was lost. They tend to charge around a lot after they do this cry too. Nutso.

Daydream Island part one…

The best part about being a Melburnian on holiday in the Whitsundays in autumn – it’s so warm and very beautiful. I’m not tired of gazing out at the ocean at all. The not so good parts about being on a very small island – let’s just say I’m turning out to be not so great at enforced relaxation after all. Getting a little panicked at being almost through book 3 of 5 with 4.5 days to go still. One must soldier on I guess 😉

There are ‘wild’ animals here, all completely tame. About 10 lovely wallabies including some adorable babies, these funny long-legged birds that strut around and stare you down, cockatoos which swoop near your head, butterflies who go for jaunts out over the ocean, and beautiful stingrays, a few sharks and cute tropical fish in the ‘living reef lagoons’. Not so sure of the ethics of the lagoons – they’re barely 1m deep – surely that messes up the sharks’ sonics?

Daintree Rainforest

I took a trip to Far North Queensland to see friends near Port Douglas and take a look at the Daintree Rainforest, staying at Cape Tribulation where the sealed road ends. Somehow there ended up being too many photos… 🙂

Enduring question: Why do some beaches up there have a sign saying don’t swim there’s crocs but also another sign warning against lethal jellyfish in summer, providing a handy bottle of vinegar in case you get stung? At least if one doesn’t get the idiots the other will!




flowers, fruit, funghi






scenes and mangroves

every sign you'd need at Mossman market

boats and curios


from the plane – Cairns to Melbourne

Daintree boats and curios…

returning from the reef to Port Douglasfishing boat off Port Douglascatamaranhouseboat for salekid fishing with a net at Port Douglas

Port Douglas boats and net fishing

banjo lady

Goodness knows what song this lady was singing out of key with a banjo sounding like it hadn’t been tuned since the 50’s. The little boy was fascinated none the less!

every sign you'd need at Mossman market

More Mossman Market curios.

Raintrees at Mossman

A kind stallholder told us the Raintrees of Mossman were planted by the preacher of the old church about a hundred years ago and the seeds came from Jamaica.

Daintree scenes and mangroves…


I saw much beautiful scenery but almost missed the best which I managed to squeeze in just before leaving. Dubuji Boardwalk has huge fan palm groves and is more dense than other areas I visited. Although where I stayed is right next door and the beach a stone’s throw away you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Here’s a tip: if you absolutely must have mobile reception climb to the top of the observation tower at the Daintree Discovery Centre. Seemed to be the only reception available until Mossman!

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