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how to do a Modified Tequila Ironman…

Last night I went to the Rainbow Hotel in Fitzroy and thoroughly enjoyed the musical talents of CWQ. I was also treated to the biggest laugh I’ve had for a very long time, and I mean uncontrollable laughter for a good couple of minutes, by some folk I met – Ben and his friend who’s name I immediately forgot who sports a nice set of tatts and plays in a heavy metal band. Ben likes rock/hip hop, quite an incongruous pair. Anyway, Ben got to telling me about these guys he met in Mexico (or was it Cuba) who indoctrinated him into the Tequila Ironman – the real man’s version of a Tequila Slammer.

Here’s what you do:

  • Make a line of salt on a flat surface. Get your shot of tequila and slice of lemon ready.
  • In quick succession, snort the line of salt, scull the tequila then squeeze the lemon into your eye.

Yep, you read right.

BUT – Ben’s version, the Modified Tequila Ironman, goes to another realm of madness. He prefers lime to lemon, nothing hardcore there, but instead of salt he SNORTS TABASCO.

I watched the pair do this and gee it shut them up for a while, smiles on their faces though. Clears the sinuses well apparently. Real men that they are, they resisted a trip to the bathroom for at least five minutes.

Unbelievably though, they did it all again and even convinced another guy to join them. PRICELESS.

Here’s a photo taken on my phone of the aftermath of round two.

Modified Tequila Ironman participants


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