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pier life on a windy day…

Fishing with dad, only a few old timers out fishing, and it didn’t happen if there’s no photo.

Where: St Kilda pier


double sunset…

Double sunset at St Kilda

Where: St Kilda pier overlooking the marina and the city

one of the best places on earth…

St Kilda

sea flying…

Kitesurfers at St Kilda – Sunday 23 September, 2012. This was supposed to be a study in black and white but they look much better in colour. One included in monotone that I liked. Loved watching them do tricks.

Balaclava blue detail…

Coffee, lamington, The Wall, camera

permanence = zero

Gutted, rubble strewn, roofless shop on Carlisle Street being used to store spent kegs. Two days later an inaccessible construction site. Timing is everything.

The graffiti wasn’t tagged but sure was cute.


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