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God I’m oh so gay for you…

Location: Abbotsford St, North Melbourne. Excellent lack of punctuation 🙂

God I'm oh so gay for you


end local gay precinct…

Spotted in Elwood on Tennyson Street near the corner of Byron Street. Made me smile (and I don’t believe south of Elwood is anti-gay by the way).

I’m with Obama, it’s time to legalise gay marriage! Who cares what their gender is as long as they’re happy together.


tree trash…

Last weekend I discovered just how easy it is to break your elbow without even hitting it on something (foosh oh foosh you wily old goat). My inner tomboy took over during a bike ride and one slow speed accident later I’m feeling like a big idiot and summer is wrecked. Suffice to say it’s feminine all the way from now on. (‘Wrecked’ is a bit of an overstatement 🙂 )

With an elbow fracture is it takes an hour or so to start swelling and hurting. So we kept on riding, discovered we could get down into a creek canal and shortly came across a whole tree up against a bridge, covered with trapped trash and other debris. Notice how absolutely jammed full the shopping trolley is. Must have been quite a torrent the day this came to rest.

I’m so happy I emit lightning!

And you?

Photographed today somewhere along Caledonian Lane

Melbourne street art, graffiti and other curios…

Location: Collingwood – Francis Street, Sydney Street and the access lane between them, Johnston Street, Sackville Street, Gold Street.


don’t bloodywell touch…

don't bloody well touchFishing’s a serious business down at Frankston pier. Windy day today, and do I mean windy (gorgeous wind-swept effect on the hairdo daahling). Plus some hardcore clouds with imminence about them. There was a crowd down the pier though, wet weather gear on, settled in for the afternoon. AND – catching fish so I guess they know what they’re doing. Nice to see there’s a stencil artist all the way down in Frankston too.

stencil art 1serious fishingyou might just get wet, and I didit's actually 'sculpture'stencil art 2water rushes inthe city broods

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