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the tower…

Finally tackled the last major London icon on my list – the Tower of London. Strolled over Tower Bridge on the way to get the bus at London Bridge too.

The ToL was more odd in experiential stakes than I’d anticipated. The prime attraction of course was the Crown Jewels, deservedly with capital first letters. After braving the fire hazard of 4 rooms of queuing you can finally get up close. Quickly it’s apparent the royal family are obscenely wealthy and you’re looking at the iconic representations of that wealth within a place where thousands have been incarcerated and murdered solely in order to continue their lineage and power. All at £16.50 per adult tourist. And why do they still need tax funded allowances? Hmm? OK OK the place is run by an independent charity blah blah blah. Still.

A nice man in a cute uniform (not in a sexy way) explained how every 15 years the velvet in the crowns is replaced – at £440 per square meter. And the ermine lining the lower edges is replaced regularly too. The little brown or black dots amidst the white fur (about 20 per crown) is taken from just one place on the animal – the tip of the tail. That’s quite a few departed souls for the Queen’s head to be a little more comfortable once each November…

Rant over. Here’s some photos I liked. And some carvings by prisoners that hit home are further down too.

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Thames beach at low tide 3

Another of the incongruities of life – I can go hang out at Southbank with the hordes of tourists and find peace and contemplation. Down on the ‘beach’ it’s just you and the river and whatever detrius of life the river’s allowed to rest for a few hours before high tide returns.

the Thames by night…

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Thames beach at low tide 2…

My restless feet took me back to Southbank last Sunday afternoon, ostensibly to go to the Juan Munoz exhibit at the Tate Modern, but more enjoyably to see what could be found on the low tide beach along The Thames. It was freezing and windy and the devil was in the detail…

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the homeward road it called me

I was very fortunate to have a three week trip back to Australia for Christmas. Four 40 degree days, endless sunshine, birdsong, the familiar still the same yet painted a slightly different hue.

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Arty photos from the plane – there and back 06-airplane-sunset.jpg

Full moon in Melbourne on Christmas Eve driving home from the airport Full moon on Christmas Eve in Melbourne

Fort King and surrounds in the Gippsland Lakes 14-raymond-island-koalas.jpg

London from the plane Westminster and the London Eye

boats of the Thames…

Last weekend I went to the Imperial Jazz Festival. Imperial Wharf is a huge property development on the Thames between Chelsea Harbour and Fulham.

It was low tide, the boats were fully exposed…….

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