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reasons for travel

“Bought a hat today. The man rubbed the money I gave him on all the other hats.”

Tonight I came across a diary I fortunately kept on a trip to Ubud a few years ago. I don’t remember this occasion or the hat at all now but thought it was funny and beautifully illustrates the point of travel!


Photo: offerings at Goa Gajah (Elephant Temple)


coffee, tradition…

After two years, I broke my fast. Caffeine ran through my veins again. Do I regret it? No! My favourites: coconut coffee and ginseng coffee.

At Madu Pertiwi Agro Spices they make coffee the traditional way. Harvest the beans by hand, roast them by hand, grind them by hand. Impressive.

They also make luwak coffee. It was unclear if the luwaks are free-range or if the one in the cage does all the work 😦 Hope he gets let out every day. Did I try the luwak coffee? Yes I did! Mellow, smooth and delicious.

view from the coffee plantation

This panorama of the view does it no justice at all. Vast expanse of lush green goodness for the soul.

some magic lives here…

holy water drenchingWe arrived at Tirta Empul Temple (Holy Spring Water Temple) as some sort of religious ceremony was underway. I’ve tried to find out more but Google has not been my friend this time. The tour guide in his poor English said it was to bring luck but given the abject, deep concern of the boy’s relatives it appeared more like a purging ritual.

An old lady in a heavy jacket for the weather who is best described by the term ‘witch doctor’ covered the boy with flowers then shook holy water all over him. She talked incanted almost continually and occasionally seemed to berate the relatives.

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The real Mereenie Loop Road…

When I was planning my Central Australia trip it was difficult to find useful information about the state of the Mereenie Loop Road. Videos I found made it out to be a difficult, dangerous and sometimes very wet adventure. In contrast, I found it to be more like a well made, unpaved highway. Perhaps I got lucky 🙂

For sure, though, you’ll ruin the shockers of a street car – 4WD definitely recommended!

Well worth it for the fantastic scenery, the emptiness and for avoiding most of a day’s drive back to Alice Springs from King’s Canyon.

smell the serenity…

Mary River region off the road to Kakadu – Fogg Dam and Leaning Tree Lagoon

O Brutus, damn good genes!

I like crocodiles, I like river cruises, put them together and it’s a blockbuster for me. This time round though it was somewhat of a guilty pleasure as they make the crocs jump for pieces of meat. Damn cool to see I have to say. I consoled myself in that it was in their natural environment (Adelaide River Jumping Croc Cruises, NT) and not the croc show in central Darwin. They still have to dance for their supper but at least they’re not in captivity and can bite back if they choose! As the tour guide so kindly reminded me as I leaned out to photograph the mighty 5.5m Brutus, who calmly eyed me off less than a meter away!

PS The title of this post is an in joke in case you were wondering. Sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂

PPS Quote of the day from Brigitte, friendliest croc money taker ever: “When you come back you can stay with me love.” Aw thanks Brigitte, I’ll do that.

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