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August cherry blossoms…


lush winter green…

I love to visit the bush in the winter. Sure it’s cold, but everything grows so profusely and the damp wetness brings colours into sharp relief.

I’ve just spent a reasonably disastrous long weekend in the Lorne area, but fortunately nature saved it from being a total write-off. Erskine Falls is a short drive from Lorne and one of my favourite places. So peaceful and calm and it’s well worth picking your way down the stream to Straw Falls and beyond. Most tourists don’t bother so you have the place to yourself and it’s glorious.

Erskine FallsMilly heart John 04

Moss forest 1Moss forest 2

After driving for twice as long as expected, with very curvy, narrow roads in a very foggy Otway Forest Park, we arrived at a very foggy Otway Fly Tree Top Walk. After lunch it lifted a little, then started to rain. Lovely. It was in the end. The trees captured most of the rain and the fog flitted through the very tops of the trees. The Tree Top Walk structure itself deserves a mention – the roofed nodes linking the walkways act as sound chambers which amplify all the footsteps. Quite fascinating. They also become points of focus for the vibrations of the tourists’ footsteps, and sway quite alarmingly! Don’t let it put you off though, well worth a visit. Due to the rain there wasn’t much scope for photographing the impressive tree ferns, mosses and massive mountain ash trees. Must return soon!

foggy treetops 1foggy treetops 2

Thames beach at low tide 2…

My restless feet took me back to Southbank last Sunday afternoon, ostensibly to go to the Juan Munoz exhibit at the Tate Modern, but more enjoyably to see what could be found on the low tide beach along The Thames. It was freezing and windy and the devil was in the detail…

Pease dudebrick-cliff-rco.jpg Continue reading ‘Thames beach at low tide 2…’

the homeward road it called me

I was very fortunate to have a three week trip back to Australia for Christmas. Four 40 degree days, endless sunshine, birdsong, the familiar still the same yet painted a slightly different hue.

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Arty photos from the plane – there and back 06-airplane-sunset.jpg

Full moon in Melbourne on Christmas Eve driving home from the airport Full moon on Christmas Eve in Melbourne

Fort King and surrounds in the Gippsland Lakes 14-raymond-island-koalas.jpg

London from the plane Westminster and the London Eye


Last week London had it’s first snowfall for the winter. Oh how wonderfully surprising to look out my window in the predawn and find a blanket of snow! It was cold but none-the-less I determined to walk to work knowing the views of a snow-covered Clapham Common would be worth it. Indeed it was! But by the time I reached the far side my thighs were turning into icicles and the bus was more than welcome.

No big snows since and now we’re back to balmy 10-12 degrees. So perhaps that’s it for this pretend winter?

Snow covered Rotunda at Clapham Common

Snowy backyard circa 7.15amSnowy backyard circa 7.15am

Clapham Common circa 8.50amClapham Common circa 8.50am making giant snowballs

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